Airplanes (R & D Award)

Artist: Benjamin Wills

Creating a digital archive to document a growing collection of paper airplanes sent to the artist by prisoners, and to increase awareness about mass incarceration.


Racial Equity In the 21st Century (R & D Award)

Artist: Jason Piggie

Engaging the community in a call & response filmed conversation about racism and segregation, through means of a mobile viewing station and recording booth.

Before an Immense Sky: A film for the sighted and the blind

Artist: Meg Jamieson

An experimental film about marriage, sight, sound, and the boundless distance between people.


Artists: Haley Kostas, Sarah Magill, Conner Giles, Johnny Dawbarn, David Overholt, Teresa Leggard

A cross-disciplinary performance platform merging music, movement and visual arts.

Pop Up Art Adventure Playground

Artists: Richard Renner, Frank Shopen, Matt Lord

A series of venues for self-directed play, engaging children in underserved neighborhoods of Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City, KS.

These Walls

Artists: Tyler Galloway, Steve Hebert, Chase Castor, Michael M. Enriquez, Hannah Lodwick

An accessible, alternative photo exhibition by and for working-class people, to amplify public discourse on housing inequity.

A Legacy of Leadership

Artist: Emiel Cleaver

A biographical documentary about the life and assassination of Leon Mercer Jordan, an influential African American leader in Missouri.

Glass Box

Artists: b becvar, Secura Hatch

An artist-run, community-focused, mobile art space inviting underrepresented demographics of artists to create site-specific work.

Impractical Spaces: Artist-run Galleries, Occupied Warehouses, Co-operatives, Pop-ups, and Other Ad Hoc Venues

Artists: Melaney Mitchell, Cory Imig

An illustrated symposium and publication on the history and impact of artist-run spaces in Kansas City.

I Heart Local Music Magazine

Artist: Fally Afani

A print publication and live event series showcasing musicians of all genders and ethnicities.


Artist: Lauren Irving (Ivy Roots)

A public space for sound healers & artists to create a live interactive sound & visual recording series.

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