432hz is a creative space for sound healers & artists to capture moments with an audience via live interactive sound and visual recording. The monthly series consists of a sound design DJ, an open mic segment for artists to express themselves, and a live recording of an acoustic jam using crystal singing bowls tuned to 432 hz.

The singing bowls will be mic’d, and the audio sent through a Cymascope and projected onto canvas. In this way sound-inspired art works will be created during the event. Each event is open to the community, and music and video recorded during the acoustic jam will be shared with the community, and distributed globally.

Lauren Irving (Ivy Roots) studied audio Engineering in college, but it wasn’t until she dove deeper into songwriting that she began to learn about 432hz tuning. She learned to identify specific frequencies within white noise during ear training designed to enhance mixing and recording skills. She later discovered studies about the effect of 432hz music on the anatomy of water and the human body, finding that most meditation music is tuned to 432hz, as opposed to 440hz (standard concert tuning).

Many great artists such as Jimi Hendrix played in 432hz, and Tibetan crystal singing bowls are tuned to this frequency. That’s when she got the Idea to host supportive, mentally elevating open mic jams in 432hz.

432hz music has been associated with enhanced mood, curing fatigue, and alleviating depression. Depression is an issue Lauren has found to be common within the Kansas City artist community. With two close friends who were artists committing suicide in the past two years, it pushed her to create a solution that resonates with the community. She also noticed that minorities in her community are not often exposed to this experience.

Through this collaborative live music & open mic jam, enhanced by cymatic patterns and quartz singing bowls, Lauren aims to invite engagement from artisans in the community in which artistic expression is coupled with mental elevation. Her larger goals include lowering the suicide rate for minorities in Kansas City, creating healthy community engagement with local vendors, artisans, and business owners, bringing awareness to metal health outlets, and solutions, and offering creative outlets in Wyandotte County, and Mission Kansas.


Lauren Irving, studied Audio engineering and sound on a vocal music scholarship at Kansas City, Kansas Community College under Ian Corbett, and later pursued music while working with Poetry for Personal Power as a sponsored artist and mental health advocate. She gained recognition from this organization as the most active peer support specialist /open mic host of 2017.

Lauren has volunteered her time and skills to events for KKFI, Midwest Music Foundation, Folk Alliance International Conference, KCKCC Jazz Festival, The American Jazz Museum, Planned Parenthood Pink Out, and various other music & arts organizations throughout Kansas City.

She hopes to encourage people who come from her community (Wyandotte County). who still don’t have accessibility to needed musical, mental and artistic outlets. She wants to change that. As a creative individual it was hard for her to find a place she felt she belonged. As student in USD 500 (Janelle Monae’s school district), she was in a food desert – but there’s more to it than that. She was in need of food for her soul, nourishment for her expression, satisfaction for her creative cravings, and acceptance while doing it all. Lauren aims to create a space for creatives & artist to do just that!

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