Glass Box is an artist-run, community-focused, mobile art space, operating in several phases over the course of a year. Lost Thought Productions will be repurposing a box truck into a combined nomadic art gallery, collaborative installation space and video backdrop, and inviting in underrepresented demographics of artists to create site-specific work. Six femme, queer, and POC artists will have the opportunity to create independent installations freely in a space that can then be taken directly to their communities. Each artist will roll up the door in locations across the city for a period of four weeks and invite the community in to engage with new perspectives. In this small space will unfold artist interviews, documentation screenings, art openings, and exhibitions – all free and open to the community.

To start the project, the Lost Thought team will purchase and renovate a used moving truck. The cargo area-turned-gallery will feature framed and painted drywall, insulated with upcycled plastic, fabric, foam, etc. They will mount a small projector and a screen in the truck in order to have a mobile micro-theater. The three white walls will house revolving installations by the six selected local artists for the duration of a year. Each artist will spend one month creating site-specific work in the Glass Box gallery, and one month touring that work around the city.

As artists design and install their proposed work, the team has asked them to keep these questions in mind:

  • what would it look like to step into a room saturated in your aesthetic?

  • how could you transform a blank room into transparent space for another to be vulnerable with what you make?

  • what do you wish to communicate about yourself and your work?

During the installation, Lost Thought will be documenting their progress for long-term archival purposes and for promotion of upcoming exhibitions and outreach.

Prior to each opening reception, the artist will select a location important to their practice. There, Lost Thought will conduct a video interview with them inside of their finished installation. The resulting film will be exhibited right before each artist opening and will be highlighted in a feature-length documentary to be compiled when the project ends.

After the installation phase, each artist (in conjunction with LTP) will spend an additional month exhibiting and touring the work in four distinct locations designated by the artist. The locations will be important to the artist and supplemental to their practice in some way. Making this project mobile will allow Glass Box artists to have complete authority over their outreach and level of community engagement.


Lost Thought Productions: As Kansas City artists, b. becvar and Secura Hatch have watched their peers create innovative, important work but struggle to find proper support in traditional art spaces – which almost exclusively feature well-established artists who seldom hail from this city or even state. They are a duo of young, queer artists, and they have experienced first-hand the lack of accessibility and media for their community, leaving powerful voices and meaningful artwork underrepresented and underappreciated.

Believing in the value of new and strange perspectives, b. and Secura have founded Lost Thought on the principle of support, with a mission to provide their peers with a platform. From conception, the goal has been to challenge the current arts community by elevating underrepresented voices within the city.

In Kansas City, they find barriers that cause artists to struggle to create viable and thriving art practices. Though a contradiction to the branding of the city, artists often feel isolated within their own communities and their goal is to try and alleviate disconnection. Since the creation of this duo, b. and Secura have partnered with many individuals and arts organizations. By working with them to create high quality, well-crafted documentation of their work, they are not only elevating the voices of the individual but also investing in the growth and strength of the arts community as a whole.

At Lost Thought their goal is simple: b. and Secura thrive on making beautiful video content that is both actively engaging and aesthetically pleasing. They aim to collaborate with their partners in creating lasting and meaningful content that goes beyond the narrow scope of entertainment; they are driven to create work that matters.

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