The S’mores Grant Project

The S’mores Grant Project is a micro-grant opportunity available to artists working in the public realm. Funds are raised by selling s’mores from a street vending cart.

My goal is to generate funds by selling s’mores from a street vending cart and distributing partial profits, in the form of micro-grants, to individuals or groups in the community that are involved in public art. In addition, I plan to make the cart an art conversation catalyst; complete with informed operators, visual aids and opportunity for promoting local public art projects.

A street vending cart is a simple and self-contained profit-generating vehicle with low overhead costs. It is mobile and efficient, impacting multiple public sites. The urban street environment is the optimum context for spontaneous education and information exchange.

This project functions in multiple public environments and opens up a dialogue that concerns

  1. the placement and space available for art discourse in our community
  2. economic structures as a medium with which to craft and traverse
  3. activating public space with the intent of generosity, education, and enjoyment.

About the Artist

For more information, visit The S’mores Grant Project Blog.


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