Sharpen your scissors.

It’s not always easy being a socialist. Sometimes it’s work. Here’s some of the research we’ve been examining over the summer as we prepare to Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style.

A sampling of our summer reading list.

  • Black Liberation and Socialism. Ahmed Shawki. Haymarket Books, 2006.
  • Atomic City: the Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win WWII. Denise Kiernan. Touchstone, 2014.
  • The Ransom of Russian Art. John McPhee. McMillian. 1994.
  • Hairdresser and Barbershop Signs in Africa. Nataša Njegovanović Ristić. Exhibition catalogue. 2009.
  • Thinking with Type. Ellen Lupton. Princeton Architectural Press. 2010.
  • A Peoples Art History of the United States. Nicolas Lambert. The New Press. 2013.
  • All of Us or None of US: Social Justice Posters from the San Francisco Bay Area. Lincoln Cushing. Heyday. 2012.

miguels.barbershopAnd what would summer be without a few movies? Here’s some that have been informing our progress.

  • The Propaganda Game. Director, Álvaro Longoria. 2015.
  • Barbershop: The Next Cut. Director, Malcolm D. Lee. 2016.
  • Do The Right Thing. Director, Spike Lee. 1989.
  • Welcome to Leith. Directors, Michael Beech Nichols & Christopher K. Walker. 2015.
  • The Russian Woodpecker. Director, Chad Garcia. 2015.
  • Sausage Party. Directors, Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon, 2016.

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