Casting Light into the Darkness

We will choose hope over fear. We will re-imagine our communities, reinvigorate our neighborhoods, and make a new day. Surely you know we can win.


Sharpen your scissors.

It’s not always easy being a socialist. Sometimes it’s work. Here’s some of the research we’ve been examining over the summer as we prepare to Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style.


Opportunities though, are just around the corner. Within the month, the days will shorten and the evenings cool. You will carry a refreshing beverage named Pleasantville to the porch and watch the sun set. Then the moon will rise. Someone—perhaps your lover—will remark, it may be time for a new haircut. You will nod and make an appointment for early September.

Social Sculpture: The Larger Response

By Shannon Twenter, We Are Here to Plant a Tree team member We Are Here To Plant a Tree served many purposes, but primarily as a community art project.  Having always been a patron and supporter of the arts, I was excited to be a part of this project.  I wanted to see how this all…

We Are Here to Plant a Tree Does Just That

Back in November, when the year was different and the ground was unfrozen, before the holidays settled around our bellies and resolutions were promised, the We Are Here to Plant a Tree team canvassed the city with ideas of its own.  One was to make a mark upon the city. A small, gentle gesture, if…

We Are Here to Plant a Tree receives grant from Forest ReLeaf of Missouri

We Are Here to Plant a Tree team members recently traveled to St. Louis to accept a CommuniTree grant from Forest ReLeaf of Missouri. ForestReLeaf nurtures Missouri Department of Conservation seedlings into larger trees that are offered to groups who are planting on public and non-profit lands. Since their inception in 1998, nearly 100,000 trees…

We Are Here to Plant a Tree Reaches Out

The We Are Here to Plant team reached into the community this past weekend assisting others involved in community-based events designed to effectively engage the public, erase geographic boundaries, and participate in fun outdoor adventures –all while providing important neighborhood assets that increase our city’s livability. Assisted by a Keep America Beautiful grant, approximately 120…

We Are Here to Plant a Tree Update.

Citizens! We Are Here to Plant a Tree has been working diligently since June to develop our project. Today we unveil the first component. The time has come. Now you too can see: THE WORLDʼS LARGEST KNITTED TREE. Learn the story of this incredible feat. See the knitter who scrimped and saved and forced her…