The Fade: Muralist’s Called to Walls


Citizens of the Republic! Early voting has already begun. The summer light is fading but not your dreams. They remain resolute as will your interest in the next iteration of Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style. You won’t want to miss this one.

Saturday evening, October 8th, Film makers Nicholas Ward and Amber Hansen will screen their film ‘Called to Walls’. Noted art critic Lucy Lippard said this about the film, “Called to Walls is an uplifting, entertaining, heartwarming and deeply intelligent model not only for creating murals but for sparking community dialogue. Film screening at 8:30 pm.

But comrades! Come early (7:00 pm) for the social(ist) happy hour, immediately after which Nicholas and Amber will take their place in the barber chairs, talk about the film, the process of creating community murals throughout the Mid-West, and be shorn of spurious locks. Jose Faus will join the conversation and provide his unique vision on producing murals in Mexico, Bolivia, and Kansas City.

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