Admit it; you were keeping score. And we won! Our treasure trove of gold, silver, and bronze was prime-time worthy. American women won 27 gold medals, as many as the entire country of Great Britain, more than China, 40 percent more than Russia. The Rio Olympics turned watching gymnastics—once shunned as the Cold-War provenance of Eastern Europe—into a Red State, core family value.  Provided one had the requisite cable provider to be able to tune in.

Unlike state-sponsored sporting events that demand a return on investment, art should never try to be popular. Sports are Collectivism. Art is Individualism. Politics no longer matters. As Oscar Wilde noted, the great value of art is that it disturbs us and disintegrates the fixed idea.  And therein lies the rub.

Despite the protestations of some, and with the encouragement of others, we are moving forward.  On Labor Day we will hoist the flag, raise the barber pole, and proclaim: CUT YOUR HAIR IN THE SOCIALIST STYLE! A series of programs will thereafter ensue.


Program #1. The Disconnected Undercut.

In the barber chairs: Charlotte St Fellows Dylan Mortimer and Misha Kligman

Where: The Drugstore KC, 3948 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111

Convening at 6:30pm (light socialist snacks and beverages). Barbering and discussion begins promptly at 7pm.

Topics for discussion during this performance (fixed ideas these are not). Who’s your favorite socialist: Jesus, Pope Francis, or Bernie Sanders?  Your least favorite: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump?  Sports as collectivism.  Art as individualism. Banners, slogans, and apartment art: untitled conceptualism in the face of oligarchy. alt-socialism. Solidarity and love. The price of a decent haircut. The tyranny of dialogue.

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