Artists: Paul Donnelly, Erica Iman, Meredith Host, Alex Watson, Rain Harris, Jana Evans & Chandra DeBuse

Project: KC Urban Potters Project Space (R & D Award)

A cooperative exhibition space providing an environment to create, educate, and engage, sparking dialogue between makers and non-makers about the importance of handmade pottery in our daily lives.


Artist: Emily Sloan

Project: The ToTLuck (R & D Award)

A series of 3 one-night-only cross-disciplinary installations, including photography, music, dance and spoken word in and on a 1960 Airstream trailer with public “potluck” meals.


Artist: Anthony Rea

Project: Where We No Longer Gather (Modified R & D Award)

A photographic, site-specific, public engagement piece documenting an unrecorded history of a displaced community, and asking questions about a community’s removal and the lack of a public Queer space.


.Artists: Melaney Mitchell, Blair Schulman, Patricia Bordallo Dibildox

Project: Informality Radical Public Programming (Modified Project Award)

A year-long series of public interventions designed to grow a more dynamic audience, by means of public programs like Pop Up Guerrilla Docents and a new video criticism series.


Artists: Father-Daughter Confessional (Don Wilkison & Sarah Wilkison)

Project: Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style (Modified Project Award)

A salon-within-a-salon that takes place in the culminating months of the 2016 US presidential election cycle, creating safe zones for public debate about contentious issues.


Artist: Cat Mahari

Project: The Floor (Project Award)

A multimedia, immersive art engagement at 31st & Brklyn – a new performance venue for emerging and experimental, contemporary artists of color -in conversation with difference and the U.S. Great Black Migration.


Artists: Lara Shipley & Ann Friedman

Project: The New Rural (Project Award)

A project investigating rural communities near Kansas City, using audio interviews and photographs to document the realities of individual youth experience, and resulting in a publication and website.


Artist: Jarrett Mellenbruch

Project: Haven Hive Monitor (Project Award)

A prototype solar-powered monitor installed inside a living beehive sculpture, continuously streaming information about the bees to a website and converting the data into accessible, visual graphics.


Artists: Randall Jenson & Ash R Allee

Project: Transforming Resiliency while Queering Violence (Project Award)

SocialScope Productions, a LGBTQ multimedia organization, will create an online video healing project, lifting up the voices of transgender and gender nonconforming youth and trans people of color.


Artist: Laura Isaac

Project: Arts Dojo (Project Award)

A venue inside an active Aikido dojo will be an incubator for visual, literary, musical, and performing arts – a place where artists can take it to the mat and throw down.


Artist: Jared Macken

Project: Two Strangers Meet Alone in a Vacant Parking Lot (Project Award)

Two small-scale architectural structures exemplifying and orchestrating the face-to-face meeting of two complete strangers in a former Dillon’s parking lot in Topeka, KS, with a publication featuring artist prints of the architectural drawings.

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