The Quilts-Eternal Harvest

A couple weekends ago, I spent a full day documenting the nearly 100 remaining quilts my grandmothers had made. Their handiwork is so incredible and the geometry of quilt making, sacred. Examining each quilt I saw pieces of fabric-from the suit I wore to pre-school graduation to dresses my Aunts wore to Sunday School–family history  literally woven in the fabric.

I’ve created a video teaser from the quilts.  Enjoy!  It’s trippy.

My Grandmothers were part of quilting circles, in which each had a hand in the creation of the quilt. The quilts were constructed stitch by stitch and square by square. This creative process created community.

The process of creating this film is much the same. It’s hands-on and all-hands-on-deck. It takes a community.

There have been many hands in this process. From an antique tractor association to a marching band to the friends and family who have volunteered their time and/or resources for filming or to any number of loved ones who have contributed in other supportive and meaningful ways.

The Rocket Grant has been an incredible ignition for this project but it is just under a third of my budget. There have been numerous in-kind donations (drone/equipment/ volunteers) which has helped immensely with production costs.  I am exactly halfway through the process of this yearlong filming and need assistance in completing the short film for a premiere on the family farm in May of 2018.

I’ve launched a fundrazr that has some pretty rad perks! Please consider a contribution and ensure an Eternal Harvest. 

Eternally grateful,




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