A. Bitterman, also known as Pete Cowdin, plans to install a National Parks style interpretive kiosk outside his family home in Brookside. Using systematic interpretive strategies, Point of Interest will contain illustrated historical accounts of the site (going back 300 million years), interpretive discussions of the dwelling, its current inhabitants (Pete’s family) and some of their notable behaviors and adaptive mechanisms.

Flyers will be posted regarding changes in weather, fire risk, and rules of engagement with the resident fauna. Informational pamphlets and small artifacts (created by his children) will be available for the taking. A short hiking trail will also be installed in the front yard and a visitors’ log will be made available.

This work addresses the way that human relationships with the natural world have been mediated and distorted so that we no longer perceive nature as a place we actually inhabit, but rather a place to visit. POI also strives to regain a unity between art and life by creating a direct, and undoubtedly surprising, engagement with a random public.

About the Artist:

A. Bitterman

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