Inspired by interdisciplinary trends in contemporary art – on the local and global level, and by the writings of Nicholas Bourriaud –specifically his Relational Aesthetics, we would like to print a series of publications aimed to engage the art, science, and philosophical communities.

From an artist’s perspective the disciplines of art, science, and philosophy are rife with compelling connections as well as disconnects. How often, though do members of these communities interact, debate, collaborate, and share ideas? Our publication would be a platform to activate this interaction, which is relevant on a global level and extremely important for the diversification and maturation of the local art scene. This would allow local artists the opportunity to be published and collaborate with scientists and philosophers. Each issue, an eight page newspaper with a run of 2,000, will consist of essays, interviews, theories, data, and images – by artists, scientists, and philosophers – based on a specific curatorial theme.

Issue number one will be titled ASP (Art, Science, Philosophy). Its theme will involve dangers, crises, concerns, and fears relevant to the contributing writers and their fields. Issue number two, SPA, will focus on triumphs, discoveries, and hopes. Issue number three, PAS, will focus on French thinkers, the unknown and the future. The paper will be disseminated locally – Topeka, Lawrence, and Kansas City, as well as nationally. We will seek out relevant venues based on content and contributing writers but foresee universities, bookstores, galleries, and museum stores. The paper will be free. We will also be creating a website with a free downloadable PDF version of the paper.

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