Endless Boundless represents possibilities: … of the mind, in the world around us, and even in the universe. The program’s scope may be adapted to reflect the needs of its’ pupils, however, the primary objective is as follows:

Endless Boundless exists to awaken and heighten the creativity and curiosity in children by allowing them a non-restrictive space to explore their own minds. Lessons will be tailored to individuals and relevant to their interests. Community members recruited for their areas of expertise will teach interactive interdisciplinary workshops to educate students in the arts. Students will be encouraged to express their ideas, challenged to think critically, andoriented toward collaboration. The project culminates with an exhibition of students’ work.

“This Place is Crawling with Creatures” will be the first in a series of workshops aimed at building a collective body of artistic works. During the six sessions, students will work toward the creation of a real/imagined ecosystem; its overall shape and mood established by space and participants. Each week we will meet for six hours and this time will be divided into workshop and construction. The goal is to encourage students to contribute in whatever capacity they desire- be it writing, illustration, painting, theatre, Foley… with the goal in mind that their vision will direct the growth of our ecosystem.

Community engagement is the future of Kansas City schools. Fortunately, Kansas City has myriad talented adults willing and able to volunteer for the benefit of our community. Their support will add an additional creative dimension to our efforts and expose students to the power of problem-solving, of working together with a common vision, and of learning how to feel part of something bigger than themselves.

About Endless Boundless:


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