Peggy Noland, Cody Critcheloe and Jaimie Warren will create a new video project involving collectives and artists in the Kansas City area collaborating extensively with national artists that will be flown in for the project.

Critcheloe, Noland, and Warren propose a brand new large-scale video project titled The Kansas City Christmas Special (renamed “Dust”). The goal of this projectwill be to highlight collaborations between Kansas City artists and national artists such as Philadelphia-based video artist Ryan Trecartin, Los Angeles-based (and Kansas City-born) International fashion designer Jeremy Scott, Portland, Oregon-based and European music celebrity Beth Ditto of “The Gossip”, Los Angeles-based musician and reality TV persona Jonny Makeup, Casey Spooner and Warren Fischer of the New York City-based electroclash duo and performance troupe Fischerspooner, New York City-based video artist Shana Moulton, Los Angeles-based “krumper” and community activist Tommy the Clown, Iowa City-based performer Leslie Hall of “Leslie and the Ly’s”, and New York City-based performance artist and creator of “The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black” Kembra Pfahler.

We will be publicly announcing some of the events and opening up opportunities for collaborations with other artists in Kansas City that we have not worked with as closely in the past. These collaborations can range from set designs to new musical pieces, fashion shows, skits, and re-enactments of Christmas-related programs and events throughout film and music history. This will also be a collaboration with the children of Operation Breakthrough, an after-school organization for low-income families.

The relationships cultivated throughout the duration of the filming will continue to spread the word about the talent within Kansas City on a national and international level, and form even more collaborations in the future. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing, and we intend to treat our visiting artists very well, making them feel incredibly appreciated, impressed and enamored with the Kansas City arts community. Additionally, the video could possibly have an enormous amount of attention due to how well known some of these artists are throughout the world. Overall, we feel that this project will be very inclusive, and highlight the amazing sensibilities of Kansas City artists – a community that is open, honest, hard-working, and collaborative by nature. We are all seeking to make a name for our community, and this project will be a very fun and unique way to spread the word.

About the Artists:

Jaimie Warren

Cody Critcheloe

Peggy Noland

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