The recording of W.o.C oral histories starts this November 

Wak’ó Mujeres Phụ nữ Women Mural”
Also known as: The Lawrence KS Women Of Color Histories Mural

We will start recording oral histories from Lawrence Women of Color this November 2017! Starting now, community members will be able to nominate local Women of Color whom they believe play a big or small role in our community to share their stories with us. Keep in mind that if the participant wishes to remain anonymous, that it can be so arranged. Also, women may also, self nominate!

To nominate someone, to self nominate, or for further questions, please send us an email:  [email protected]

A photo of the project presentation in front of theLawrence Cultural Arts Commission. Photo taken by: Mason Andrew Kilpatrick

As we get ready to start our project, we have been in communication with most of the groups and people who will be involved: the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission, the Old West Lawrence Neighborhood Association (where the mural will be located), City works, Haskell Indian University, the local chapter of Women Of Color Collective, and the list goes on…

A big thanks to:
Imani Wadud and Nedra Bonds; who gave Marylin Hinojosa and I (Connie Fiorella Fitzpatrick) a rich lesson on research and oral histories collection. Also a shout out to the Lawrence Public Library for allowing for us us use their recording studio for this important project!

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