De Nichols

Through multidisciplinary creative practice, De Nichols mobilizes global changemakers to activate ideas that address civic and social challenges within their communities. Based in St. Louis, MO, De serves as the Social Impact Design Principal of Civic Creatives, a design strategy agency that develops interactive experiences, tools, and initiatives to help communities engage issues of civic disengagement, youth development, social inclusion, food access and security, and arts & cultural policy. As a cultural producer, De organizes artists to develop digital media and visual artwork that extend the impact of her design practice.

Elizabeth Spavento

Elizabeth Spavento’s work tends to favor alternative spaces and community-driven practices and she has curated and exhibited work nationally. Her interests include equity, particularly as it relates to issues of race and gender, the untapped potential of space, altered states of consciousness and unstructured time. She manages the Kindling Fund in Portland-ME, and is also co-founder of Border Patrol a contemporary art space there that investigates the intersection between contemporary art and corporate aesthetics.;

Don Wilkison

As much civil servant as artist, Don Wilkison’s work is informed by his scientist’s background. As m.o.i. aka The Minister of Information, he works in a variety of approaches and media, including collaborative public installations and interventions, photography, print making, and sculpture. His civic engagements lie at the intersection of middle-class economics, progressive politics, and environmental science.

Shannon Criss

Shannon Criss teaches architecture design studios at the University of Kansas Architecture Department. In 2013 she co-founded Dotte Agency, a multi-disciplinary design collaborative. Its goal is to leverage design as a democratic tool and create an architecture that serves the greater good. Criss’s participatory practice advocates for involving community members and students as agents – to design, build and install ‘small bet’ project solutions in public spaces, and to generate conversations & new forms of interactions.;

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