Cyclotrope Cinema – Feature Presentation!


Great crowd for a festive evening of animation-making.  The bike shop was sparkling as a make-shift screening space!

Cyclotrope Cinema visits Briman’s Jewelers


Cyclotrope Cinema visits Dr. Jeff’s


Dr. Jeff’s Optometry – the perfect venue to exhibit this fantastic blinking eye piece by workshop participant Ciaran Sullivan!

Cyclotrope Cinema visits Bank Barber


Off to work installing the Cyclotrope at Bank Barber in Downtown Topeka.  Heard stories from patrons who remembered flip-book style animation players at the Kansas Free Fair!

Cyclotrope Cinema : Animation Workshop

Cyclotrope Cinema_06

Great turnout today for a Cyclotrope Cinema workshop despite some rainy weather.  Youth and adults from a Topeka home school network learned about basic animation and created imaginative gestures (rocket ships, blinking eyes and stars!) to be exhibited in downtown storefronts next week.

Cyclotrope Cinema : Work in Progress

Cyclotrope Cinema _02

Preparations are under way for Cyclotrope Cinema at the Topeka Community Cycle Project shop space. Inspired by a nifty bicycle picnic box, TCCP volunteer Ben Alford whipped one together. Ours will stand in as a laptop holder…

Cyclotrope Cinema: Coming to a storefront near you!


Plans are spooling and gears are spinning for Cyclotrope Cinema! Do you have your opera glasses? Well, you won’t need them, since we’ll be installing our bicycle-based projector contraption in a few street-level storefronts in downtown Topeka. Look for us to pop up on Kansas Avenue, where we are hoping to bring a little extra … Continue reading

Cyclotrope Progress


We continue to experiment with the look of the player. Workshop participants will hand-draw animations to be played through the cyclotrope in Topeka this spring. For more about the project, see our main page:

DIY Camera Box

Camera box prototype?  Check!  Now for the DIY guide! Cyclotrope_CamBoxProto

Cyclotrope Cinema : Prototype #1

Hello Rocketblog readers! Our first proof-of concept is a success! We are currently in the testing phase for the Cyclotrope projector; trying techniques ranging from flashing bike lights through transparencies, to a software-based digital application shown here: Our public Cyclotrope Cinema events will take place in Spring of 2013 in Topeka, KS at the Topeka … Continue reading


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