Laundromat Symposium, March 11th at 5:30

Laundromat Symposium on Monday, March 11th at 5:30 PM: Alternative Space/Experimental Programming: Experimental Space/Alternative Programming Predetermined Participants: John Helling, Outreach [...]

Inventory #12

Here’s the latest Inventory for Give Take Give and it’s a mystery…

Ace of Base

Exciting news for Discrete Curiosity: Progress has changed from fabricating hundreds of pieces to assembling them back into larger components. We are happy (and admittedly a little relieved) that [...]

New Warhol Re-granting program announced in Portland, OR

The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA),, is proud to announce The Precipice Fund, a major new granting initiative for Portland-based unincorporated visual art [...]

Laundromat Symposium: Experimental Programming/Alternative Space

Laundromat Symposiums are open to the public and will address various topics and ideas in which participants will actually do their laundry. Rather than reinforcing the roles of academic panel [...]

Byproduct: Wash/Dry/Fold

Wash/Dry/Fold My Porcelain Past, “Film maker Ron Schildknecht captured the essence of the event in a fitting black-and-white film, “My Porcelain Past.” Only 19 minutes long, [...]

Cyclotrope Progress

We continue to experiment with the look of the player. Workshop participants will hand-draw animations to be played through the cyclotrope in Topeka this spring. For more about the project, see [...]