Laundromat Symposium: Experimental Programming/Alternative Space


Laundromat Symposiums are open to the public and will address various topics and ideas in which participants will actually do their laundry. Rather than reinforcing the roles of academic panel and attentive audience, invited guests in this series will come prepared with questions and various experiences to stimulate and guide public discourse. The conversation between the engaged participants will be recorded and available online at the Rocket Grants Website.  Please consider joining us over laundry!


Laundromat Symposium on February 25th at 5:30 PM: Alternative Space/Experimental Programming: Experimental Space/Alternative Programming

Predetermined Participants:

John Helling, Outreach Administrator at the Johnson County Public Library

Sean Starowitz, Artist, Cultural Worker, Baker at Farm to Market Bread Co.

Questions: How do various institutions use programming?  Can traditional institutions use experimental programs to expand their audience without straying from their missions?  Are libraries specifically moving both towards and away from the concept of “place”?

In our rapidly changing, fast-paced society, what does “alternative” mean today?  What makes a space alternative? Can an alternative space merely exist as an experimental program?

Please email to rsvp, (seating is limited to the amount of washing/drying machines) and please bring  your laundry…

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