S’mores Cart in the Pitch

S’mores Cart in the Pitch

 Come to my party next week! I tried to get them to mention my support from Rocket Grant and Charlotte Street, but bribing editors with s’mores only goes so far in this town. I guess tags are a new way to slip in content…?


S’mores Cart Top

Here’s the top covering. Its coming along. Look for the S’mores Cart at Troost Fest April 28th. I’m raising money for a good cause so come on out and enjoy the gooey sugar rush only s’mores can provide…

S’mores Cart Attends Downtown Council Annual Luncheon Friday 12/9/11

This is what I like about the project: that I can cross over into the entrepreneurial world, promote my goals while enabling artistic, conceptual conversation on the street- conversation about the quality of urban environments, and the role of art and design thinking in our community. I’m always amazed how standing around a fire can…

s’mores cart at Kauffman Center Garage

The s’mores cart was invited to the “Terpsichore” public art opening last night at the Kauffman Center garage. This opportunity was made possible by artists Mags Harries and Lajos Heder, along with Porter Arneill and the Metropolitian Arts Commission. Thanks all!

Helpful Lawyers in KC

I want to remind everyone about KCVLAA (Kansas City Volunteer Lawyers) who are assisting me with the S’mores Grant Project . For a small fee (membership) they give pro-bono legal advice to artists. I met Rebecca Stroder last week, she helped me with copyright information. I also am working with J. Micheal Adams; he’s assisting…

Inside the SC-2

Here’s some images of the mechanical components that make up the guts of the S’mores Cart (SC-2).  Street vending carts are like small kitchens on wheels; a water pump is essential, along with holding tanks, propane water heater and sink. I am designing the mechanical systems to be accessible, and possibly re-configured (adding larger holding…

S’mores Grant update

Here’s some in process images of the cart. It’s shaping up to be mostly stainless steel, but there will be some painted elements as well, incorporating the colors in the logo. The detail image is of the cut-outs in the top-I hope to accommodate several ingredient choices. The fire-box on front will support a propane system and the over-head covering will be painted metal. The hand-sink is going to be attached to the back of the cart, and all the tanks, water heater and mechanical components will fit inside.

S’mores Grant beats Shuttlecocks for best public art in KC.

According to Pitch readers, or the 3 kind  people that voted for us, the S’mores Grant project is preferred over the shuttlecocks in our town. Correction: Contrary to the write-up in the Pitch, we have not granted any financial support to the 2 artists we are currently considering-Matt Urlab and Theo Bunch- as of yet….

R U Green?

This past Wednesday evening, Zach Springer brought his KCAI green sculpture students down to Columbus Park where Sean and I gave a little demo on the project. It was easy to set up at the park near my house, and great to talk with students about our goals. The students had great questions.  The conversation…