Ascent 2

Sometime in the next week or so we will fly another payload package with a high altitude weather balloon. As with the first flight the payload will consist of GPS for tracking online, and 3 [...]

Ulysses Jenkins at Pacific Standard Time

2011 Rocket Grants juror Ulysses Jenkins has been involved in several exhibitions and performances associated with the Pacific Standard Time events in California this fall. His participation in [...]

PLUG projects travels to Chicago

This past weekend PLUG projects traveled to Chicago to attend the Hand in Glove conference organized by threewalls and the newly formed Alliance of Independent Arts Organizers (AIAO).  It was an [...]

Ascent 2

Plans are underway for another balloon flight. We got some incredible images and video however we did have some problems. The Canon camera with the fish-eye lens stopped working for about an hour [...]

You Live Here Too Upcoming Performances

Kansas City, November 2011, Julia Vering will premier her Rocket Grant funded project, You Live Here Too, a multi-media performance utilizing video, stop-motion animation, an original score, and [...]

Resistant History Gets Started

Hello Rocketbloggers – just a quick update on the Resistant History project’s progress. The course is close to midterm and our neighborhood tours showcase many interesting histories in the KC [...]

Deadline October 15: Call for Experimental Critical Writing

The Rocket Grants program is seeking a writer/critic/curator/artist to undertake a critical engagement with art projects that are innovative, relational and inserted into public space, exploring [...]

Ascent Balloon Landing Site

The balloon was recovered about a half mile west of State Highway Y in a field off of 215th street. This picture from 94,021 feet shows an area stretching from Hillsdale Lake to the west (left [...]

Helpful Lawyers in KC

I want to remind everyone about KCVLAA (Kansas City Volunteer Lawyers) who are assisting me with the S’mores Grant Project . For a small fee (membership) they give pro-bono legal advice to [...]

Inside the SC-2

Here’s some images of the mechanical components that make up the guts of the S’mores Cart (SC-2).  Street vending carts are like small kitchens on wheels; a water pump is essential, along with [...]

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