Ulysses Jenkins at Pacific Standard Time

2011 Rocket Grants juror Ulysses Jenkins has been involved in several exhibitions and performances associated with the Pacific Standard Time events in California this fall.

His participation in the “Now Dig This” exhibition was called “KISSES”, and was a collaboration with Senga Nengudi & Maren Hassinger. Here is a review of the exhibition from the Los Angeles Times.

The second exhibition, “Black Gold Fever”, involved a parade along Hollywood Blvd into the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) Gallery with a 6-member band and 2 other performers.

The performance at LACE was a revisiting of “Columbus Day: a doggerel”, 30 years to the day after its first presentation at the same venue, and included sand painting and a three-projection video background.  The original material addressed the introduction of slavery by Columbus to the New World, and the slaying of Native Americans because they refused to work for the colonizers. Jenkins based this revisit of the work on the BP oil spill, adding it to the mix and context.

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