“The music is our inspiration, our bodies are the paint and brush, the dance floor is our canvas. We are…Breaking Art.”

SugEasy Singleton and friends plan to create Breaking Art using authentic Breakdance moves from expert BBoys and BGirls. They will be Breaking to lay the paint down, and also Breaking Art traditions by freestyle flowing on the canvases with their bodies. And they will be Breaking each others’ Art too…by overlaying their individual expressive styles in order to make increasingly beautiful and unique live paintings.

Breaking Art demonstrates the core values of Hip Hop culture: peace, love, unity, and having fun. This is why the whole event will take the shape of a classic Hip Hop Jam… at a picnic in Ermine Case Junior Park at 9th and Jefferson, downtown Kansas City, MO. It will be an open and free opportunity for folks of all backgrounds to gather with their own coolers of food, chairs, and picnic blankets…to experience life and art in community with one another. The artists will share dope music, chill vibes, Graffiti knowledge, social dancing, and cap it off with an entirely new, live, mesmerizing performance.

Breaking Art also showcases the four main creative elements of Hip Hop culture: Breakdance, DeeJaying, Emceeing, and Graffiti Writing. True Hip Hop is a positive movement, and the event will spotlight this by entertaining the crowd, educating minds, and changing people’s perceptions. This will involve sharing knowledge about Hip Hop’s history and the importance of its four creative elements.

Everyone who attends will be invited to practice their own Graffiti with provided paper and art supplies. The whole event will thus become a growing, vibrant, constantly evolving work of art. Talented Graffiti Writers will share styles, techniques and their own handmade stencils to ensure people leave with not only great memories, but their own awesome works of creative self expression.

The actual painting of the Breaking Art pieces will happen at the peak of the event’s hype, and will take place right in the middle of the crowd. Forming a dance cypher like no one’s ever seen before, SugEasy and his crew will emerge in jumpsuits and sneakers just as the music heats up. They will coat their shoes and hands in brilliant, bold colors, then perform, battle, and showcase their Breaking moves.

Once completed, these one-of-a-kind works of Breaking Art will be made available for display in galleries and public gathering spaces. Accompanying the canvases, a short video of the original event will highlight the painting process – which will add significant wow factor to the displays for those unable to attend the live event.

James aka SugEasy Singleton says: “I live Hip Hop. I love Hip Hop. I am Hip Hop.” His work as a choreographer and dancer is not discrete from his Hip Hop lifestyle or his fundamental belief that his culture can motivate others to find positive ways to show the art within themselves. So he lives, learns, and practices what he teaches. Woven into his creative process – to live Hip Hop, study the history and grow his skills through training with the best – is the impulse to spread this knowledge to a new generation of students.

His work as a choreographer, authentic Hip Hop culture educator, dance instructor, and mentor creates a physical and mental safe haven for self-expression that’s open to young people from all walks of life in our community. He elevates minds and enriches souls by helping kids discover their own inner passions through the elements he teaches – mainly Hip Hop Dance, Breaking, DJing, Emceeing, and Graffiti Writing – and this generates within his students a sense of self-confidence, freedom, and a desire to be actively artistic.

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