Sometime in the next week or so we will fly another payload package with a high altitude weather balloon. As with the first flight the payload will consist of GPS for tracking online, and 3 cameras.

  1. The GoPro camera which was mounted facing down on the bottom of the payload package had a scratched lens. The lens was replaced this morning and we are now thinking of mounting it on the GPS antenna arm – still facing down though.
  2. The Canon DSLR will again be aimed out the side and we think we have a solution to the intermittent way it worked the last time.
  3. And finally Trevor has loaned a FlipCamera which we will probably attached facing up an angle so that we can get some video of the sky and not have either the balloon or parachute block that view.

We will not be sending a live video feed from the GoPro camera however the GPS signal will be picked up and broadcast on a web site that displays the flight path on Google Maps. The web address will be posted here soon.

Stay Tuned!

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