Inside the SC-2

Here’s some images of the mechanical components that make up the guts of the S’mores Cart (SC-2).  Street vending carts are like small kitchens on wheels; a water pump is essential, along with holding tanks, propane water heater and sink. I am designing the mechanical systems to be accessible, and possibly re-configured (adding larger holding tanks, for instance). I tried to keep most of these components in the back of the cart on the bottom level. It’s self-contained; as the project progresses I will also add more design features that can help promote public art, and artists, on the cart. Space is minimal-but the challenge to make fold-out or compressible  promotional options is exciting. If you have ideas, let me know.

I have come up with a design for a propane burner that is surprisingly cost effective-It should roast marshmallows fine. One goal is to offer the plans up for free on my blog site. It would be great to see others improve and alter this design to suit their needs. I also intend to share my experience and knowledge creating this cart and project.

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