Claiming Space

By Chad Onianwa What’s Missing “It was never just about art” says Connie Fiorella-Fitzpatrick over a beer. “It’s about community engagement and [...]

Inside the SC-2

Here’s some images of the mechanical components that make up the guts of the S’mores Cart (SC-2).  Street vending carts are like small kitchens on wheels; a water pump is essential, along with [...]

S’mores Grant update

Here's some in process images of the cart. It's shaping up to be mostly stainless steel, but there will be some painted elements as well, incorporating the colors in the logo. The detail image [...]

S’mores Grant beats Shuttlecocks for best public art in KC.

According to Pitch readers, or the 3 kind  people that voted for us, the S’mores Grant project is preferred over the shuttlecocks in our town. Correction: Contrary to the write-up in the [...]