You Live Here Too stills from the road

You Live Here Too’s tour was a success.  Audiences most often commented on the incredible acting ability of the senior women actors and oral historians.  Emotionally, the audience seemed to [...]

S’mores Grant update

Here's some in process images of the cart. It's shaping up to be mostly stainless steel, but there will be some painted elements as well, incorporating the colors in the logo. The detail image [...]

PLUG projects is hosting BreadKC!

PLUG Projects is hosting BreadKC!, this Sunday, August 28th from 1 – 4pm!  We hope you are able to join us! BREAD! IS A PUBLIC DINNER DESIGNED TO USE COMMUNITY-DRIVEN FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO [...]

Know any adventurous art/science high school students?

Check out the August Meeting of the High School Students’ Science Alliance at H.M.S. Beagle 180 English Landing Drive in Downtown Parkville MONDAY AUGUST 8 at 7 PM Daniel Eichenbaum and Bob [...]

Check out our San Francisco sister program!

Here is an article about Alternative Exposure, a regranting program in San Francisco that is also funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation: Southern Exposure Needs to Give San Francisco Artists Some [...]