S'mores Cart Party June 21st


S'mores Cart Top

Here’s the top covering. Its coming along. Look for the S’mores Cart at Troost Fest April 28th. I’m raising money for a good cause so come on out and enjoy the gooey sugar rush [...]

S’mores Grant update

Here's some in process images of the cart. It's shaping up to be mostly stainless steel, but there will be some painted elements as well, incorporating the colors in the logo. The detail image [...]

S’mores Grant beats Shuttlecocks for best public art in KC.

According to Pitch readers, or the 3 kind  people that voted for us, the S’mores Grant project is preferred over the shuttlecocks in our town. Correction: Contrary to the write-up in the [...]

R U Green?

This past Wednesday evening, Zach Springer brought his KCAI green sculpture students down to Columbus Park where Sean and I gave a little demo on the project. It was easy to set up at the park [...]

Kurts’ KC Confidential Interview

I was interviewed by Jennifer Janesko for KC Confidential. See interview here at http://www.kcconfidential.com/?p=18698 I would love to be placed in food sections of publications, not just the [...]

Delightful S’mores Imagery

This image is titled “doing it wrong” but I think these people may be doing it very, very right.

S’mores Cart September 1st Friday

S’mores Grant Project Announcement: I will have my temporary s’mores cart operating Friday, September 3rd at 2012 Baltimore, in front of the Leedy Voulkos gallery from 7-10:30 pm.  I am looking [...]