Cyclotrope Cinema: Coming to a storefront near you!


Plans are spooling and gears are spinning for Cyclotrope Cinema! Do you have your opera glasses? Well, you won’t need them, since we’ll be installing our bicycle-based projector contraption in a few street-level storefronts in downtown Topeka. Look for us to pop up on Kansas Avenue, where we are hoping to bring a little extra light and motion to some unconventional spaces from April 29 – May 2.

Then, on May 3, get ready for the big event! That’s right, the show all Cyclotrope Cinephiles have been anxiously awaiting — opening night at the Topeka Community Cycle Project. At 5:30 we’ll set up and spin the wheels (and the reels) produced by children in the community. The public is invited to come see these place-based animations until 8:30. Should the weather cooperate, we’ll off take from the Cycle Project at 9 p.m. for a ‘glowing’ bike ride through the city. Hope you can join us!

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