Cyclotrope Cinema visits Bank Barber

Off to work installing the Cyclotrope at Bank Barber in Downtown Topeka.  Heard stories from patrons who remembered flip-book style animation players at the Kansas Free Fair!

Cyclotrope Cinema : Animation Workshop

Great turnout today for a Cyclotrope Cinema workshop despite some rainy weather.  Youth and adults from a Topeka home school network learned about basic animation and created imaginative gestures (rocket ships, blinking eyes and stars!) to be exhibited in downtown storefronts next week.

Cyclotrope Cinema : Work in Progress

Preparations are under way for Cyclotrope Cinema at the Topeka Community Cycle Project shop space. Inspired by a nifty bicycle picnic box, TCCP volunteer Ben Alford whipped one together. Ours will stand in as a laptop holder…

Cyclotrope Cinema: Coming to a storefront near you!

Plans are spooling and gears are spinning for Cyclotrope Cinema! Do you have your opera glasses? Well, you won’t need them, since we’ll be installing our bicycle-based projector contraption in a few street-level storefronts in downtown Topeka. Look for us to pop up on Kansas Avenue, where we are hoping to bring a little extra…

DIY Camera Box

Camera box prototype?  Check!  Now for the DIY guide! Cyclotrope_CamBoxProto