A Reflection on These Walls

These Walls (Rocket Grant 2019) is an upcoming exhibition of documentary photography of working class people for working class people which illustrates the struggles and joys of daily life.

Tyler Galloway, a collaborator in the project, is in the process of interviewing some of the fast food workers who will be exhibiting and had this reflection:

“i was thinking about a post recently, as i had done some interviews with the fast food workers in kc, to collect quotes and stories for my exhibition publication. i attended a meeting of the langston hughes club, where the workers were reviewing photo selections with my team members mike enriquez and steve hebert along with other photographer mentors. in doing my one-on-one interviews with the workers, i was moved nearly to tears by each of their stories. i have designed materials for “stand up kc” for six years now, and protested alongside them multiple times, but have never sat down and talked with the workers about the things they face on a daily basis. their dedication to their struggle and each other, how hard they have to work, and the many obstacles they face because of low wages is simultaneously awe-inspiring and maddening. talking with them in person made me even more excited and determined to make strong design work to tell their stories in as powerful a way as possible.”

Currently the team, which also includes Hannah Lodwick, Michael M. Enriquez, Chase Castor, and Steve Hebert, has secured an available space for the exhibition near downtown and is finalizing the collection of workers’ photos that will be featured. They are looking at exhibit dates towards the end of the year.

September 2019

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