An Introduction

As a child and adolescent, I spent much of my time caring for animals and drawing pictures. These were the endeavors I enjoyed most. As an adult I have pursued a career in visual art. The journey of that career has led me back to revisit and assess my love for animals.

The idea for “The Story of Chickens: A Revolution”, was solidified after reading a book recommended to me by my mother, Learning from Hannah: Secrets for a Life Worth Living, written by William H. Thomas, M.D. It is a beautiful story about a man who has spent his life becoming licensed to care for the elderly. Along his academic journey he has somehow forgotten how to build and maintain meaningful relationships with the people he has spent his life learning about. I highly recommend this book for all.

I have posted three quotations from the book that I am most fond of and that have inspired, “TheStory of Chickens: A Revolution”.


Learning from Hannah: Secrets for a Life Worth Living, by William H. Thomas, M. D., 1999

1. Life in a truly human community revolves around close and continuing contact with children, plants, and animals. These ancient relationships provide young and old alike with a pathway to live a life worth living.

2. Loving companionship is the antidote to loneliness. In a human community, we must provide easy access to human and animal companionship.

3. Meaning is the food and water that nourishes the human spirit. It strengthens us. The counterfeits of meaning tempt us with hollow promises. In the end, they always leave us empty and alone.

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