Artist Statement

The Story of Chickens employs experiential knowledge to shrink the gap between understanding ourselves, our environment, and the impact of our actions on the natural world. As sustainability enters into a new realm of necessity, witnessing the affects of our actions becomes a practical way of understanding how to improve the quality of life for all living things.

It is the relationship we build with the natural world that will drive our motivations to begin caring for it. Growing and caring for our own sources of nutrients is a healthy part of our development as humans and gives us a new perspective towards our role as both caretakers and parasites to the earth. The experience is fodder for a healthy psyche and reminds us of our own birth and mortality.

The process of co-existing with the food one eats is connected to a long history, by which generations have struggled, flourished and in one way or another, survived. Reflecting on norms of the past brings me to ponder on the effects of no longer being a part of those experiences, those relationships. My reflections elicit a sense of endemic detachment that is our experience in contemporary life, a detachment that affects our ability to perceive, understand and appreciate our influences on the natural world.

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