BEN WEBSTER: from Kansas City to Copenhagen

BenWebsterStormyWeatherThe Society for the Prevention of Un-necessary Demolition (s.p.u.d.) in partnership with the Mutual Musicians Foundation of Kansas City and the Ben Webster Foundation in Copenhagen Denmark presents….


BEN WEBSTER: from Kansas City to Copenhagen

Friday, September 20, 2013

at the Mutual Musicians Foundation

A National Historic Landmark

1823 Highland, Kansas City, MO


BenWebsterCelebrate the life and music of Ben Webster through live performances in Kansas City and Copenhagen – and visit his place of birth at 2441 Highland Ave.

Beginning around 5 p.m. we will broadcast a live concert from Copenhagen Denmark to Kansas City featuring music and stories from the musicians and friends who knew Ben Webster in Copenhagen. Famous saxophonist Jesper Thilo who has dedicated his career to the music of Ben Webster will share his memories of Ben.

Following the live event in Copenhagen – we will invite our guests to visit the site of Ben Webster’s childhood home at 2441 Highland.

Around 8 pm we will re-assemble at the Mutual Musicians Foundation for a tribute to Ben with stories about his life and Kansas City jazz with Elvis “Sonny” Gibson, local historian.

We will complete the evening with a live performance by the Mutual Musicians Foundation All Star Band and jam session... So bring your instrument!


Ben Webster was one of America’s great tenor saxophonists of the 20th Century. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, he began his career in the company of many of the musicians who put Kansas City on the map – including Mary Lou Williams, Count Basie, Lester Young, and Coleman Hawkins.


CopehagenJazzDistrictThe Ben Webster Foundation was founded in Copenhagen in 1976 in honour of the great saxophonist. Ben Webster lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for the last 8 years of his life and was buried here. His grave can be seen at the Assistens Kirkegaarden just outside the old City of Copenhagen. For more information about the Foundation – please see their website:


The Mutual Musicians Foundation International (MMFI) is dedicated to presenting the MMFI as an international hub utilizing the city’s most recognized international product; jazz solely for the benefit of its most treasured resource; musicians past, present and future. For more information about the Mutual Musicians Foundation, please see their website:


The Society for the Prevention of Un-necessary Demolition (s.p.u.d.) is a temporal art collective developed for the purpose of visualizing vacant housing and the challenge of neighborhood stabilization in Kansas City. Through the combination of music, visual arts, urban planning and design, historical research, and community engagement – we seek to bring a new understanding of the condition of vacancy in Kansas City neighborhoods.

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