On January 23 at 11am, the Center for the Advancement of Transmodern Awareness will be host to Bread, which is a new and exciting microgranting organization here in Kansas City. Such projects are of great importance in the building of new and alternative systems of exchange. Most people involved in the subculture known as “art” realize that the dominant mode of exchange in our culture at large is not an altogether viable approach for the arts community. C.A.T.A. fully supports any attempt to build alternative and novel models, and for that reason we are proud to have Bread in our space. Please come!

This is what their website says about the project:

“BREAD! is a public dinner designed to use community-driven financial support to democratically fund new and emerging projects!

At each BREAD! participants will pay an entrance fee of $10 for which they will receive supper and a ballot. Diners will vote on a variety of proposed artist projects through a menu and presentations. At the end of dinner, the artist whose proposal receives the most votes will be awarded funds collected through the entrance fee to produce the project. The work will then be presented during the next BREAD!

for any questions or inquiries, please email”

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