Civilian #1 Launch Party!


Civilian Launch Party First Friday August 1st!
6-9PM @ Front/Space, 217 W. 18th Street, KCMO 64108

Front/Space is proud to launch its very first publication, Civilian, a magazine dedicated to art, literature, and the city.

A year in the making, Civilian is a book-length compilation of essays, photography, illustration, fiction, poetry, reporting, and reviews. Civilian brings artist and writers together into an inquiry about their roles in the city. We promise to excite intellects, slow the beat, steady our imaginations, and broaden audiences for art and literature. We want readers to become as occupied as we have been with how the city’s cultural identity, history, and politics are constructed.

Civilian will be available for purchase at the event, as we celebrate with dancing and games.

Pre-order your copy at

In This Issue…

Summer 2014 in the metro is almost over. Bohemia is fantasy, planning is myth, farming is urban, civics is hobby, and development is still king. This is Civilian #1, and we give to you 132 pages of newly threaded text-styles for art, lit, and urbanism. For our first issue, we traveled not by road, but by ordinance, by school system, by diseased river, by underground fiber, and by the vibrancy trenches. In the contest for a city, we didn’t set out to glorify the artist and writer in the social worker; we wanted to find out what they are in for.

Inside, our contributors–architects, poets, artists, and reporters–shadow a pacifist project in the violent heart of the urban body, elegize a post-industrial valley maker, get lost between the virtual and the real of the non-profit industrial complex, all in time to send back postcards from the anthropocene. Finally, we talk to a curator about how to make it out of the hole better than okay.

Plus: post-sprawl punk-house politics, urban garden affect, and pedestrian alienation never looked so good.


Pictured: Native Blood Root, Amanda Gehin, 2014; Photo by Christine Dietze.

Civilian #1, Edited by: Kent Szlauderbach, Sarah Murphy, Leandra Burnett; Written by: William Andrée, Nathan Clay Barbarick, Jessica Borusky, Charles Brown, Ben Busch, Anderson Elden, Kendell Harbin, Esther Honig, José Faus, Becky Mandelbaum, T.S. Leonard, Mel Neet, and Lucas Wetzel; Art by: Timothy Amundson, Justin Beachler, Amanda Gehin, Maxwell Mehlstaub, Devin Mills, Charlie Mylie, Mike Sinclair, Sean Starowitz, and Jacob Wagner; Cover Art: Leandra Burnett

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