Discrete Curiosity Update!

Thanks to all who have been so patiently following our project.  There has been a lot going on behind the scenes in constructing the cabinet.  We now have all of the pieces and parts to assemble the structural frame of the cabinet, with only the base panels left to finish.  The frame was particularly important to get geometrically accurate because it is the basis on which all of the rest of the geometry hangs.  While the base panels have some tolerance in their material (you can always sand wood) the panel membranes are much less forgiving.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story, but don’t forget to follow our progress at http://www.discretecuriosity.com/WorkInProgess/WIP.html

The structure of the cabinet is well on its way now.  Below are some shots of the aluminum channel frame as it comes together. Of course, each piece is unique and all ends had to be cut with a compound angle, not an easy feat on a wet horizontal bandsaw. I’d say one of our biggest struggles in moving through the components of the project has been to maintain the precision of the curved geometry with tools designed to only work with planar materials and processes.  The key has been patience in the set-up (and lots of trial and error).

above: Design for 1 of the jigs. In order to get the compound miter with the horizontal bandsaw 2 jigs were required for every cut, one for the borizontal angle, and one for the vertical

below: Jigs in action

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