Byproduct: Emergent Zine Library

photo credit: KC Zine Collective

photo credit: KC Zine Collective

Emergent Zine Library on Display at the Walnut Place Laundromat,

September 15th – November 15th, 2013

Emergent Zine Library offers laundromat patrons the opportunity to discover a collection of unique and less heard voices in expressive self-published booklets personalized with art, drawings, and collage. The popup zine library will be on display September 15th – November 15th, with occasional rotation of zines displayed. The collection will be curated by the Kansas City Zine Collective, a group working to foster zine makers and zine culture.The zines on display do not checkout, so please bring some laundry to do while you read through the collection.

Zines are a tool for people to share their reality in a highly personalized way that warrants freedom of expression not only in content, but in the package and design. They are usually produced on small print runs of 1-100 copies and distributed to friends and small communities such as people interested in do-it-yourself mental health support or people who want to learn to forage mushrooms. Collages, drawings, and comics are just a few of the artistic treasures one can discover in a zine.

Owning our own publication tools creates a powerful mantra that says everyone deserves to create, everyone had something to share, and everyone deserves to participate if they want to. We encourage you to stop by and add your own voice to the collection by creating your own zine. Stop by our zine making workshop or attend our zine salon to get further embedded in zine culture.

*************Related Events**************

Zine Salon & Gift Exchange

Thursday October 10th, 6 PM

To get a sampling of what’s being published in the zine world, attend the zine salon and learn about self published works created by local kansas citians and beyond. Zine creators and enthusiasts are welcome to read selections from favorite zines or give a mini introduction to their own self published works. Bring those dusty, well read zines from your home collection and trade for some newer titles, or bring your own selfpublished works to share and give away.

Write it, Draw It, Staple it, Share it!

Tuesday November 5th, 6 PM

The idea behind a zine is that you’ve got something to share with the world, and there is a community of people out there that want to read it! In this workshop we’ll discuss a variety of ways that people use the zine medium to establish community support, explore topics of personal interest, and reflect upon their lives and society at large. Afterwards we invite you to contribute to the local zine conversation by creating a “no rules” mini zine. You decide if we can photocopy and distribute it freely to a larger Kansas City audience!

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