Currently working on numerous original source documents including the trial transcripts, blogger entries, twitter account records, and the Prop 8 final ruling. Tools include the computer, a printer, reams of paper, three-ring binders, a three-hole punch and…highlighters. Am highlighting excerpts from the original source documents that best tell the story, both in content and in spirit.

The Highlighter Graveyard

As I look at my “highlighter graveyard” I fear that I can’t possibly fit all of the highlighted passages into a coherent two-hour play. Am feeling a little lost in the weeds at the moment. Thankfully, there are other people imaginatively thinking about this case. Today’s hero is Frank Rich. His essay on the Prop 8 case reminds me why I am doing this, and confirms that this is an important story to tell:

And sometimes over the long term — an obscenely long term in the case of black civil rights — the good guys and women can win real victories. Make no mistake about it: The Proposition 8 trial, Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision and the subsequent reaction to it (as much a non-reaction as anything else) constitute a high point in America’s history-long struggle to live up to its democratic ideals.

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