December 21, 2010 marks both the Winter Solstice for 2010 and the inaugural event for the Center for the Advancement of Transmodern Awareness. C.A.T.A. is an experimental public think-tank used to host performances, lectures, workshops, free-school programming, and as-yet unimagined experiments. C.A.T.A. is designed to cultivate curiosity, uncertainty, and self-awareness in the hopes of manifesting a transmodern reality. The opening celebration of C.A.T.A., known as the Solstice Manafest, will take place at its storefront location at 916 E. 5th Street in Columbus Park from noon until midnight.

The winter solstice is an apt time to celebrate the opening of C.A.T.A. As the shortest day of the year, the solstice has been ritually developed into many of the world’s various celebrations of light- Christmas, Hanukkah, Brumalia, and so on. With the Manafest, we wish to encourage such celebration within an open platform. There will be food, music, gift giving, altar making, and a variety of other interactive experiments designed to recognize and celebrate the innate relationship between cultures and environments. In the spirit of traditional Solstice celebrations, we wish to extend an invitation to everyone and anyone to come and celebrate in any way that you see fit. We hope that attendees will also be collaborators, coming together to communally celebrate and usher the return of the Sun. Feel free to come prepared to offer any contribution that you find appropriate- be it musically, performatively, sculpturally, prayerfully, and etc. It is our goal to both explore and promote any number of ritual, intellectual, material, or metaphysical expressions of what it means to be alive and part of Universe as Spaceship Earth makes this particular pit stop in its annual orbit around the Sun.

C.A.T.A. is a living vessel for these experiments. As such, the space is not (and never will be) in a state of completion. Construction and design is an ongoing process. Should you be compelled to participate in C.A.T.A.’s physical becoming, feel free to attend with building materials and/or your hands, as the space will be in a state of construction and building throughout the Manafest celebration and in the convening months. Your contributions to the space taking form are not only appreciated, but they are integral to its success. Our home is your home.

We look forward to your presence and your perspective(s).

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