Interview with D.K.

One of D.K.'s photographs - from his book 'Inside Amazonia'


I serendipitously met D.K. last week, he was new to KC, less than 48 hours in town and looking for a way to get involved. Hearing about his background in engineering, and his current pursuits of documentary photography, I thought he would be a great person to participate in ASP/SPA/PAS. The conversation was great, and we will be uploading an audio file to our site once we figure out the logistics. D.K.’s work straddles several disciplines including anthropology and photography. He stresses the importance of the interactions with people and places, these interactions being more important than the photographs he brings back. The educational opportunities that have stemmed from his photographs are important, it is not enough for D.K. to bring back beautiful images of remote areas. He wants to raise awareness, fill a vacuum that he finds between the professional anthropologists ( which more often than not are merely interested in being ‘published’) and the general public.

For more information on D.K. check out his site:

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