In recognition of both the toll taken on the body by the Bacchanalian reveries often associated with New Year’s Eve and of the promise of a healthy and happy 2011, we at C.A.T.A. would like to extend an invitation to participate in a New Year’s Day of Loving Care. Between the hours of 4 and 8 PM, please come to C.A.T.A. at 916 East 5th street to partake in rejuvenating activities for the physical and metaphysical bodies. There will be food, massage, therapeutic movement, haircuts, divinatory gestures, meditative music, perspective gaming, screenings and so on. Relax, it’s all going to be OK.

Should you desire, please attend ready to contribute in any way that you feel would be beneficial to yourself or others. Do you have a special thought for the new year? Share it. Did you hear a good joke last night? Share it.  Have you received a gnostic prophecy for major world events in 2011? Share them. Do you want to sit near a wood burning stove and talk with a stranger about nothing? Do it. Do you like to drink bloody marys with other people? Bring some. All forms of recognition are respected. As with the Winter Solstice Manafest, participation is integral but not mandatory.

Bring a friend and bring your body.

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