Kansas City Christmas Special casting meetings scheduled in NYC!

Cody Critcheloe, Peggy Noland and Jaimie Warren are gearing up to exhibit in a major exhibition at “The Hole”, a new Soho gallery space run by former Deitch Projects Gallery Director Kathy Grayson. Deitch Projects was known as one of the most significant and influential commercial art galleries in the world for over a decade, and has recently closed due to the owner, Jeffrey Deitch, taking the position of Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Ms. Grayson has opened a new space of her own, and has invited us to premiere her new space. Warren and Critcheloe have worked with Ms. Grayson on numerous projects, including being involved in book projects and international shows she has curated outside of Deitch. This includes her Mail Order Monsters exhibition series at AMP gallery in Athens, Greece, and Warren has exhibited her photographs in New York Minute at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, and at Max Wigram Gallery in London.

Ms. Grayson has been interested in Kansas City and the sense of community within our work for several years, and is happy to have the opportunity to curate this full-scale exhibition, which will focus on the unique qualities of Midwestern art and our collaborative style of working. In a recent article in The Fader (New York), Ms. Grayson highlights our community, stating “there is a major collaborative renaissance happening in Kansas City right now”.

When in New York, Warren will be interviewed by Jacob Gaboury, Editorial Fellow at Rhizome.org, who is planning on a large-scale editorial piece on the collaborative arts project “Whoop Dee Doo”, the exhibition at “The Hole”, and the arts scene in Kansas City. Jacob states “I’m really excited about a lot of things [Kansas City is] doing, but particularly the way that you are working explicitly with a huge variety of local performers and local arts communities… that you are living in and producing an arts community outside of NY/LA and have kind of refused that compulsory migration, and the way you use technology, online video, and television in your performances.” Rhizome.org is the online blog for the New Museum in New York.

In a recent blog from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Open Space, writer Brandon Brown states “I want to describe SSION as a sort of contemporary art factory in the Midwest with Critcheloe playing the Andy Warhol part; but in truth the atmosphere of this project feels far more collective, its content is profoundly collaborative. I don’t have an insider’s knowledge of the process, but the appearance suggests that Critcheloe is directing a vast ensemble of talented artists who actively shape the piece, as actors, musicians, designers, performers, visual artists.”

The exhibition at “The Hole” will highlight our collaborative ways of working, as Warren’s photography will include self-portraits as characters in Critcheloe’s movie Boy. Cody’s installation will include video of Warren and Noland, as we are some of many Kansas City characters in his movie. Boy will also include excerpts from Ssion performances on my collective show Whoop Dee Doo. Lastly, Noland will feature new designs alongside several amazing costumes that were produced for Boy.

Also while in New York, Peggy, Cody and Jaimie have plans for one-on-one meetings with several artists and musicians to begin scheduling for the Kansas City Christmas special. A few artists have been confirmed, and we are working on the layout of the show, which is forming a more movie-like presence, which is very exciting!

Keep peepers peeled for updates! We have solidified a space to create our sets and we can’t wait to get started!

XO, P, C, &J

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