Call for Submissions: Johnny America Seeks “Kansas”-Related Items

Ahoy Rocket Blog Readers!

Johnny America, your Lawrence-local ’zine of fiction and humor is seeking submissions for our next, ninth issue, and we’re hoping to find a few writers willing to share. We’re particularly interested in items that work within the very loose theme of “Kansas.”

We’d like to emphasize the flexibility of the theme. A pithy review of Greensburg’s “world’s deepest hand-dug well” would certainly qualify, as would using Kansas as a barely-present backdrop for a short work of serious fiction. Kansas City, Missouri items would certainly be “close-enough,” and we’d be thrilled to consider a crypto-zoological profile of “MoMo,” the Missouri Monster, whose famous and baffling aversion to the sunflower state has never been adequately explained. Fiction, non-fiction, humor, or reviews of dive bars or diners — anything “Kansas” is game.












We’re a break-even affair, so payment for accepted submissions will be limited to our warmest thanks, a couple of contributor’s copies, and the small satisfaction that your writing’s available for purchase at a dozen-or-so bookshops about Kansas City and around the globe.

While we’re continually accepting general submissions, to be considered for our “Kansas” issue items must be sent to no later than April 25, 2011.

Thank you for your time. If you know someone who might be interested in sharing their work, please pass along word of our call to submissions.


Jonathan Holley for the Moon Rabbit Drinking Club & Benevolence Society

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