Live TV Live presents: Ghost of Yesteryear; Fall of the Pollinators, Rise of the HIgh Rise!

A Short and sweet history on the Pollinators: The Pollinators mural was created in 2007 as a community-based mural with well over a hundred local participants. A partnership between Artist Dave Loewenstein and the Spencer Museum of Art, the mural was created  to give focus and due respect to a group of African American cultural pollinators hailing from the state of Kansas. As of February, 2015 The Pollinators mural is slated to be torn down to provide space for a series of high-rise condos in the newly dubbed “Arts district”.  The neighborhood where these condos are being placed is low-moderate income and these condo’s, well, they are not.

What kind of shadows are we casting as an “arts community” when our efforts of “placemaking” allow culturally significant works of public art to be destroyed in the name of high dollar development? The destruction of the Pollinators mural is the first public art action since the recent development of Lawrence’s Cultural Arts District. Where will we go from here?

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