The Center for the Advancement of Transmodern Awareness was successfully inaugurated with the Winter Solstice Manafest. The space is/was in a state of flux, but it felt as if the Manafest was a progressive celebration of light for attendees, who presented the bulk of the content for the evening. It feels wrong to point to individual contributions, but it is imperative to note that collaborators became indistinguishable from the ‘organizers’ of the event. This felt like the biggest success of the evening.

Many lessons were learned from this initial outing, and we plan to apply these lessons accordingly to future endeavors. For this we wish to offer a hearty thank you to Krow City (sometimes less accurately known as Kansas City).

Please keep your eyes peeled for immediate follow up public experiments at C.A.T.A. including A Day of Loving Care- an afternoon of attention to the physical body to be hosted on New Year’s day. The perfect remedy for a brutal hangover and a motivating event to usher in a healthy 2011. Later in January will see a night of readings from old-school Kansas City mouth demon/elegant degenerate/Pan devotee G.M. Holder, presenting pieces from his new work “The Introduction to the World.” We are also planning a possible February performance from a tribe of rural Maine semi-humans called TABOO. We’ll see.

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