This timeline shows work that has already been completed, as well as schedules for Rocket Grants projects that are currently in progress.

The number to the left of each project title indicates the round in which the award was made:


1 June 2010

2 June 2011

3 June 2012

4 June 2013

5 June 2014

6 June 2015

7 June 2016

8 June 2017

9 June 2018

10 May 2019



Completion dates are as indicated by the artists or artist teams concerned.

.Projects that have a “date link” connect to an extension form applied for by the artist(s).


1 Endless Boundless Brooke Tuley, Audrey Lauber, Tomomi Suenaga: Completed August 2010

1 WorkArtOut Leralee Whittle, Paul Sprawl: Completed November 2010

1 Prop 8 on Trial  Lisa Cordes: Completed October 2010

1 The Center for the Advancement of Transmodern Awareness (CATA) Seth Johnson, Ashley Miller: Completed February 2011

1 WE! Jane Gotch, Mark Southerland, Ke-Sook Lee, Mica Thomas, Jason Dixon, Miles Neidinger, Paul Rudy: Completed April 2011

1 Haven Jarrett Mellenbruch: Completed June 2011

1 Point of Interest A. Bitterman/Pete Cowdin: Completed July 2011

1 Johnny America Patrick Giroux, Jonathan Holley, Emily Lawton: Completed September 2011

2 You Live Here Too Julia Vering: Completed November 2011

2 The Story of Chickens Amber Hansen, Cotter Mitchel, Hank Will: Completed April 2012

2 Ascent Daniel Eichenbaum, Bob Riddle, Cheryl Melfi, Rebecca Ashe, Richard Johnson: Completed May 2012

1 Dust Jaimie Warren, Peggy Noland, Cody Critcheloe: Completed May 2012

2 PLUG Projects Nicole Mauser, Cory Imig, Amy Kligman, Misha Kligman, Caleb Taylor: Completed June 2012

1 S’mores Grant Project, Kurt Flecksing: Completed June 21 2012

1 Product Placement, May Tveit: Completed December 2012

2 Resistant History, Caitlin Horsmon: Completed October 2012

2 Playing Gender, Asma Kazmi: Project withdrawn

3 Those Things That Protrude Rie Egawa, Burgess Zbryk: Project completed May 2013

3 Byproduct: Laundromat Sean Starowitz: Project completed June 2013

3 We Are Here To Plant A Tree Minister of Information/Don Wilkison: Project completed June 2013

3 Cyclotrope Cinema Andrea Steudel, Karl Fundenberger:  Project completed June 2013

1 SAP, Lee Piechocki, Aaron Storck, Jeffery Isom: Project completed February 2013.

2 NV in KC, Judith G. Levy: Project completed in May 2013.

3 POP! Maria Calderon, Lacey Wozny: Project completed May 2013.

3 Give Take Give Dave Loewenstein:  Project completed May 2013.

3 Spark Farm Park (with sculpture) Json Myers, Megan Gallant: Project completed May 2013.

Into the Night Sea  Laura Isaac & James Isaac:  Project completed November 2013.

2 Discrete Curiosities, Elizabeth Lovett, Yair Keshet: Project completed August 2014

2 Field Trip Publishing, Eric Dobbins, Kelly Clark: Project completed November 2014

3 Tell Me A Story Jose Faus, Sharon Eiker, David Arnold Hughes, Glenn North, William Peck, Michelle Pond, Rhiannon Ross, Judith Towse Roberts: Project completed December 2014

4 Public Service Announcement: KC Endangered Jacob Wagner & Yozo Suzuki: Project completed November 2014

4 Hard 50 Farm Zine Mobile Jessie Christian & Thaddeus Christian: Project completed November 2014

4 Civilian Stories Leandra Burnett, Sarah Murphy  & Kent Szlauderbach: Project completed Summer 2014

4 KC Drag University Jaimie Warren: Project canceled, funds returned Summer 2014

4 If Da Dirt Could Talk Nedra Bonds & Nancy Dawson: Project completed Summer 2014

4 The Artists for Life Project Darryl Chamberlain & The Light in the Other Room: R&D Grant, reapplication Spring 2014, Project completed December 2014

4 First Lady? De De DeVille: Project completed Summer 2014

5 The Weight of an Object Damia Smith: Project completed June 2015

5 Beep Goes The Weasel David Cedillo, Angie Wofford, Matt Hawkins: Project completed June 2015

5 FUNC-Art Commons Jo Kamm: R&D completed February 2015, implementation abandoned, Final report August 2015

3 Awein’s DreamCart Tanya Hartman, Awein Wol: Project completed September 2015

3 Art Is Long, Life Is Short Richard Fritz, Michele Bridges, Crystal Gould: Project completed September 2015

5 A Mystic Bond Of Brotherhood Makes All Men One Joseph Keehn: Project completed August 2015

6 The Mini Vinnie Bini: Megan Mantia & Leone Reeves: Project completed January 2016

5 50/50: Cambria Potter Project completed February 2016

4 No More Nomads Mark Southerland, Hadley Anne Johnson, Peregrine Honig, Laura Frank, Beau Bledsoe, Zhanna Saparova & Matt Tady: Project completed April 2016

6 Goods Riddance: Off Putting Adriane Herman & Mo Dickens: Project completed May 2016

6 Rest Assured, You Are Under Video Surveillance: Bryon Darby, Aaron Long, Cotter Mitchell, Aaron Paden: Project completed June 2016

6 Center of the Universe: Maura Garcia: Project completed July 2016

6 Queer-A-Fest Destiny: Pioneers Reimagined: Jessica Borusky: Project completed August 2016

6 The Columbus Park Skate Park: Ben Hlavacek, Keelin Austin & Garrett Rathbone: Project completed October 2016

6 Microburst: Leah Sewell & Justin Marable: Project completed December 2016

7 The Floor: Cat Mahari: Project completed December 2016

5 The Zz School of Print Media Erin Zona: R&D Project, reapplication completed January 2015. Project completed January 2017

7 Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style: Father-Daughter Confessional (Don Wilkison & Sarah Star): Project completed January 2017

7  Transforming Resiliency while Queering Violence: Randall Jenson & Ash R. Allee: Project completed May 2017

7 Informality Radical Public Programming: Melaney Mitchell, Blair Schulman & Patricia Dibildox: Project completed July 2017

5 The MVKC Builder Series Nick Ward-Bopp, Sam Green: Project completed July 2017

6 MagiNation: Minh DuPha. Project completed July 2017

6 Live TV Live: Nicholas Ward & Robert Baker: Project completed July 2017

6 Unspoken Violence George Mayfield & Erlene Flowers: Project completed August 2017, though continuing presentations.

4 Your Ideal End Maria Velasco and Biri Rottenberg-Rosler: R&D Grant, reapplication Spring 2014, project completed Fall 2017

7 Two Strangers Meet Alone in a Vacant Parking Lot: Jared Macken:  Project completed October 2017

7 KC Urban Potters Project Space: Paul Donnelly, Erica Iman, Meredith Host, Alex Watson, Rain Harris, Jana Evans & Chandra DeBuse: project completed October 2017

6 One Struggle KC Engaging Art / Una Lucha KC Arte Atractivo: Diane Burkholder, Celia Ruiz & Kristin Chow: Project complete, Fall2018

7 Haven: Jarrett Mellenbruch: Project completed December 2018

5 Lessons from Exes Lyn Elliot, Misti Boland, Caitlin Horsmon, Meg Jamieson, Mary C. Taylor: In progress, projected completion Fall 2018

8 BLACK & BLUE: Solomon Bass:  Project complete Fall 2018

8 Alter: Art Space: Boi Boy,  Bo Hubbard: Project completed June 2018

8 Wak’ó Mujeres Phụ nữ Women Mural: Connie Fitzpatrick & Marylin Hinojosa (with Nedra Bonds): Project complete December 2018

8 Eternal Harvest: David Wayne Reed: Project complete June 2018

8 Garden Variety Soda Fountain: S.E. Nash: Project complete December 2018

9 Open House: Brandon Frederick, Olivia Clanton: Project completed December 2018

5 Parent-Teacher Conference Lyn E Cook, King Kihei, The Recipe KC (Theodore ‘Priest’ Hughes & Desmond 3-3-7 Jones): Project completed Spring 2019

7 The New Rural: Lara Shipley & Ann Friedman: Project completed February 21, 2019

7 The ToTLuck: Emily Sloan: Project completed spring 2019

8 This Is Our Scene: Leonard Gayden (+ multiple artists): Project completed spring 2019

#GetWoke: Queer and Trans People of Color: Randall Jenson, David Seymour, Jacory Dean, Dr. Alberto Villamandos, Ryan Webster: Project completed spring 2019

9 MIXED MEdia: A Healing Arts Journey for Veterans: John Sebelius: Project completed spring 2019

9 Battery Tour: AY Young, Alana Young & Christen Barber: Project completed spring 2019

9 Transfiguration: Mazzy Mann + Lorelei Kretsinger, Zoey Shopmaker: Project completed June 2019

8 The Roaming Center for Magnetic Alternatives (RCMA): Kendell Harbin: Project complete August 2019

5 GuestWriter’s Revenge Charlie Mylie, Lindsey Griffith, Colin Bright Eagle O’Keefe: Project work undertaken but not completed. Final Award money paid forward to 2020

7 Where We No Longer Gather: Liberty Memorial, Penn Valley Park and Public Queer Looks: Anthony Rea: Project completed November 2019

8 Paz En El Barrio (Peace In The Hood): Rodolfo Marron III: Project not completed. Final Award money paid forward to 2020

9 Supreme / Being : The Musical: Grace Suh: Project completed January 2020

9 SOUPerKC: Cecilia Belser Patton. Project not completed. Final Award money paid forward to 2020

10 I Heart Local Music Magazine: Fally Afani: Project completed January 2020

10 These Walls: tyler galloway, Steve Hebert, Chase Castor, Michael M. Enriquez, Hannah Lodwick: Project completed January 2020


7 Arts Dojo: Laura Isaac: In progress, projected March 2020

8 Asminier: Folklore of the Missouri French Creoles: Brian Hawkins: In progress, projected completion June 2020

8 The Art + Agroecology Project: AgroArt: Ryan Tenney: Event held in October 2019. Awaiting final documents

9 Mahaska-White Cloud Community Mural: Ruby Rhodd + Deborah Bryan, Sydney Pursel: In progress, projected completion June 2020

9 Potluck Cart: Taylor Fourt, Jacob Canyon, JC Franco, Megan Ammari: In progress, projected completion March 2020

9 Bordes Carnosos / Border Carnage ‘MoLCA’: Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia: In progress, projected completion June 2020

9 Breaking Art: James aka SugEasy Singleton: Project completed August 2019, awaiting documentation.

10 Airplanes: Benjamin Wills: In progress, projected completion April 2020 (research phase)

10 Racial Equity in the 21st Century: Jason Piggie: In progress, projected completion April 2020 (research phase)

10 Glass Box: B. Becvar & Secura Hatch: In progress, projected completion May 2020

10 A Legacy of Leadership: Emiel Cleaver: In progress, projected completion May 2020

10 RubiX: Haley Kostas, Sarah Magill, Conner Giles, Johnny Dawbarn, David Overholt, Teresa Leggard: Project complete, awaiting final documents

10 432hz: Lauren Irving: In progress, projected completion May 2020

10 Before an Immense Sky: Meg Jamieson: In progress, projected completion May 2020

10 Impractical Spaces: Melaney Mitchell & Cory Imig: In progress, projected completion May 2020

10 Pop Up Art Adventure Playground: Richard Renner, Frank Shopen, Matt Lord: In progress, projected completion May 2020

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