The Tip of the Spear

Am thrilled to have confirmed the actor who will play David Boies, the lead plaintiff’s attorney in the Prop 8 trial.  Boies as been referred to as the “Forrest Gump of the legal profession.” He has played a role in several major cases in U.S. legal history, including representing Al Gore in the landmark Bush v. Gore case that determined the outcome of the 2000 presidential election. (Boies teaming up the Ted Olson, who represented George W. Bush in that same case, is just one of the remarkable aspects of the Prop 8 trial. ) Boies also represented the U.S. government in its anti-trust suit against Microsoft. He has also been called the “Tiger Woods of the legal profession” and it has been said that “Boies’ strengths include an encyclopedic mastery of the facts of a case and a chess player’s sense of predicting a course of action.”

For me, Boies’ cross-examination of the defendant witnesses are the tip of the spear of the plaintiff’s case against Proposition 8.  Described by various commentators as “withering” and an “evisceration”, Boies’ ability to impeach the credibility of the Prop 8 expert witnesses pierced through all the arguments put forward by the defense, leading to Judge Walker’s excoriation of those witnesses in his final ruling.  The cross-examinations of these final witnesses will provide a gripping climax to the play.

To get a sense of Boies in argumentative action, there was this exchange this past Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation.

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