This Saturday, The Discrete Curiosity launches the LAST exhibit of the summer


The work of Cheryl Eve Acosta

This saturday, August 9th, at 3 pm, The Discrete Curiosity Project will launch the work of Just Colcord and Gary Staab as part of the final exhibition set of the summer at the Johnson County Resource Library. Join us at the launch to get a chance to meet the artists and interact with the exhibit. If you haven’t had a chance to get over the the Johnson County Library, this summer to see an exhibit, this month is your last chance!

Our last set focusses on two artists that create entire world’s for their characters.  Part sculpture and part storytelling, these artists bring their pieces to life.

Gary Staab is the man behind the prolific Staab Studios, an art studio that specializes in natural forms of the past and present.  He collaborates with museums, scientists, and other artists to recreate scenes from prehistory, as well as to create a contemporary body of work.  Gary often lectures about the process of bringing extinct animals back to life.  Previous lecture venues include National Geographic Explorers Hall, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Idaho Museum of Natural History,and Hastings Museum of Natural History. Ever wonder how museums and scientists figure out what those dinosaurs looked like just from seeing their fossils?  This is the guy to ask!

Just Colcord is a sculptor that works in miniature.  Like, Gary, Just is creating new worlds.  His are, however, based solely in his imagination.  Just has developed a cast of characters built on found objects and trash and then developed a world around them.  His characters go on adventures, make discoveries, and help each other along the way.  Just’s work was recently featured at the Toy and Miniature Museum.

In case you haven’t caught the current exhibit yet, make sure to run over and see the work of Cheryl Eve Acosta and Michael Curry before they are gone!

July's Launch

July’s Launch

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