Update on “The Story of Chickens”

Artist Amber Hansen, whose project, “The Story of Chickens” received support from a 2011 Rocket Grant, is currently in the process of reconfiguring plans in light of communications received from the City of Lawrence, KS, indicating the project was against city ordinances, and in response to community feedback. A full description of the reconfigured project is now available at https://rocketgrants.org/2012/02/29/the-story-of-chickens-project-update/.

The Rocket Grants program remains committed to the project as the artist engages responsively and responsibly with her local community.

Ms. Hansen’s intention throughout the project has been to engage regional residents in dialogue about the relationship between humans and the food we consume. The following is a quote from the artist:

“The slaughter of the five chickens meant to take place at the end of the “Story of Chickens” proposes full disclosure of a controversial, yet all too common ethical paradox for the omnivore (for humans to consume meat, an animal must die). The very notion that we can choose to cause a condition, yet refuse to acknowledge or make public its affect and result, veils and censors our connection to that activity.”

The artist did not design the project with the intent to defy city ordinance. Rather, the interpretation of local ordinances regarding the care and consumption of chickens has unexpectedly become part of the discussion.

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